Video Calling, Multi-Mode Apps Coming in Android 2.4?

It's being reported that an anonymous source at "a major manufacturer" has let some details about the next Android OS for smartphones leak.

In what's being called Android 2.4 (the successor to Gingerbread), Google may be adding video calling support via Google Talk, similar to what we've seen in Honeycomb. Additionally, this version is said to include "dual-mode" app support so apps written for Honeycomb-powered tablets should run just fine on smartphones running Android 2.4.

We previously heard that Android 2.4, like 2.3 may be called Gingerbread, similar to Android 2.0 and 2.1 both being called Eclair. However, including Honeycomb compatibility and features sounds a lot like what we've heard about Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

What do you think? Will Android 2.4 be an iterative Gingerbread release, or is 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich?

Source: (Pocketnow)

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