HTC Announces Incredible S, Bumps Screen Size

It turns out that the supposed buttonless phone we've been seeing everywhere was actually the successor to the HTC Incredible, which landed on Verizon as the Droid Incredible in 2010. The successor, the Incredible S, is in a lot of ways similar to the original. Most notably different is the increase in screen size from 3.7" to 4" via a WVGA 800x480 Super LCD panel (no more AMOLED). It's running a Qualcomm Snapdragon single core 1GHz CPU with 768MB of RAM and 1.1GB of ROM. The camera on the back shoots photos at 8MP and can do 720p HD video. It's running an updated version of Sense UI which brings minor changes, like a redesign program tray. Powering everything is a 1450mAh battery. Look for the Incredible S in Q2 2011 in Europe

Source: (Pocketnow, Phonedog)

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