Ice Cream Sandwich will Combine Honecomb and Gingerbread

We've told you before that according to various sources inside Google Android Honeycomb won't be coming smartphones -- it's tablet only. We've also heard that "parts of Honeycomb" will come to smartphones.

We finally have some definitive information, and it comes straight from the top. Google's CEO came out and told us that Android version "I" (which we think is Ice Cream Sandwich) will combine Gingerbread and Honeycomb. Whether or not Ice Cream Sandwich will be just for smartphones or if it will be for tablets as well wasn't addressed.

That certainly makes sense. Doing so allowed Google to get a head start on an OS for tablet devices, but still they can still go forward with a unified operating system for "devices that typically don't have a keyboard".

Also disclosed was that the release cycle will go from the one year that we'd heard previously down to 6 months like it is now.

Good news all around!

Source: (Pocketnow)

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