Android Quick App: Poynt

Blackberry users, rejoice! The Poynt local search application has made its way to the Android Market. Poynt's simple and attractive interface makes it easy to find restaurants, businesses, movies, and more. But can this Android newcomer compete with the slew of local search apps already available for Android, or, for that matter, the new Places integration in Google Maps?

Poynt opens with an icon carousel against an attractive background with a weather display. It remains intuitive from there, and despite its Blackberry origins it has a nice, native feel, including the inclusion of voice search. While the simplicity of the user interface is refreshing, though, the depth of information available seems lacking.

Google Maps consistently displays more complete information on nearby restaurants, like price and menu links, that Poynt lacks. On the other hand, Poynt boasts Open Table integration and does have essential contact information and reviews.

In the movie department, Poynt offers trailers, reviews, and the ability to purchase tickets. Unfortunately, it doesn't support buying tickets for all theaters--Cinemark is notably missing. Its other categories--businesses, gas, and people--get the job done without any standout features.

Poynt may appease Blackberry converts nostalgic for its admittedly charming interface, and it should receive recognition for its polished interface complete with voice search. On the other hand, Android's growing catalog of local search apps like Sherpa, Where, and Yelp, not to mention Google Maps, might make it a hard sell. More pictures and download links after the break.

Via: (Android Central)

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