Android 2.2 on the Evo 4G

At long last, the Sprint Evo 4G is getting Android 2.2 -- nicknamed Froyo. It's the second U.S. phone to get it -- behind the Google Nexus One -- and the update will be rolling out over the first week or so of August, or you can give the manual install a try by downloading the file from HTC here, and visiting the forums for installation help.

We've gotten our hands on an official build -- though it's not quite the final build -- and have put it through its paces. The overall experience remains the same. HTC's Sense user interface remains on top of Android and is as speedy as it ever was. There new widgets and apps. A bunch of new features. And, of course, two biggies that come with Froyo -- the Just-in-Time compiler, and Adobe Flash.

So join us after the break as we dive into the Android 2.2 update for the Sprint Evo 4G.
What's new in Android 2.2?

First things first: We're using software version 3.25.651.1. That's slightly different than what Sprint has said is coming in the over-the-air download, which is version 3.25.651.3. So far as we know, however, all of the major features are intact.

The Evo feels as speedy as it ever has. That's due in part, well, because Android 2.2 is just plain faster. It employs what's called a just-in-time compiler (or JIT), which gives one hell of a boost to basic processing power.

Overall, though, your general experience isn't going to change all that much. The Sense user interface looks the same, though we have some new apps and widgets to play with.

Let's take a brief spin through the new build, shall we?

OK, really, what's new then?

If you haven't already, check out our monstrous Froyo Features series, where we broke down some of the major improvements in the latest version of Android. As for what's new in Froyo on the Evo 4G? Here's Sprint's official list:

* Ability to share applications
* Display events and birthdays from Facebook on Calendar
* Use camera LED as flashlight
* New user interface for the FM radio
* Add unknown users in Facebook as friends in Friend Stream
* Photo Gallery supports Facebook comments function
* Send contact as vCard using SMS
* Addition of MMS slideshow editor
* New pre-loaded widgets including Calculator, FM radio, Message list view, Profile settings and Ringtone settings
* Camcorder can use camera flash so video can be shot at night or in low light
* Flash 10.1 support
* Numeric PIN and alpha-numeric passwords to unlock screen
* Search widget and search bar able to switch to search in different types (web, specific application, or all)
* Adjustable alarm volume
* Android Market widget allows installation of applications on SD card

Via: (Android Central)

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