Galaxy S I9000XXJP3, here is the latest IOS. Sorry to Frøya!

What Galaxy S is aesthetically similar to iPhone no doubt. Galaxy D which has an interface Touch Wiz 3.0 reminiscent of the iPhone UI is clear. But the arrival of the new beta of I9000XXJP3 Frøyaor seem to lead towards a similarity almost embarrassing.

Think you have the functionality of IOS on a system Android Frøya, with video calling, hardware similar to the iPhone 4 and all of the software introduced with the Touch Wiz is a really strange effect.

No denying it, the copy is clear. What's Wrong With a copy of what happened and propose a system among the best on the market?

So here we will soon see what the next version of Galaxy S.

* System of selection, copy and paste very similar with a magnifying glass or zoom box

* Same graphics for the context menu with the difference that S Galaxy offers more options. Share it lets you share with Gmail, SMS or Bluetooth (and sure Twitter and other software very soon, or if installing third-party programs) the selected text. The search shows rather good choices:

New icons for programs and in particular for the notification system.

As we can see has been implemented reporting unread SMS with the meter (this far only Samsung app store). Most likely the flow will also feature on Mail, Telephone and Facebook is on the Market Samsung.

* Screenshots! News really important. The images you see we made with our Galaxy S without Root. How many will root without the screen are not possible, but Samsung has implemented a system to create iPhone-style screen shots.
o Holding the back button (arrow) and press and hold the back, home button, a screen will be saved in the folder PNG screenshot 8GB.
* New icons for the layout of the screen power off:

News Finally, for the Task Manager that we saw in the last Roma capabilities have been added for the control of RAM and active processes

What about .. This was the third beta in less than 24 hours for Galaxy Frøya S and every time the news are many. Still the work is hard and the rom does not offer any new features that Frøya introduced mainly at the kernel level, JIT compiler and overall speed. The road taken and the news we like to have this pattern, S Journal Frøya for Galaxy will change the face on the telephone.

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