Summary of Windows Phone 7's MWC Announcements

Boy, Monday's are tough. But at least we have lots of good news for everybody. For those who missed all the MWC hype, we've assembled a complete list of what was said, what was shown, and what was implied:

Copy and Paste "NoDo" update coming beginning of March
Twitter Integration coming in 2011
Support for Office documents in the cloud via Skydire coming 2011
Internet Explorer 9 Mobile coming 2011
Multitasking and Fast App switching coming 2011
"Significant Volume" of Nokia phones coming 2012
Verizon and Sprint phones are coming "soon."
More details about multitasking will be announced at MIX 11.
The multitasking ability is big news; however, the update is not expected until the second half of 2011, implying the top above changes will be coming in the Mango update.

Source: (WP7Central)

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