Multitasking and Fast App Switching demoed on WP7

As part of the upcoming Mango update, Joe Belfiore demoed multitasking on Windows Phone 7. The process is simple, only requiring the user to press and hold the back button to access a list of recently run applications. Also thrown in the mix, applications start and resume much faster, as seen with the instant return to the current gameplay. Finally, music multitasking is also coming, which allows third-party applications to play music even when the user leaves the application. Better yet, the on-screen volume controls and track seek bar can also be integrated into the application. Watch the video via 1800PocketPc for a quick look at what is coming later this year.

Details on how developers can use these features will be revealed at MIX '11. Also, for those wondering, the background color is evidently set to the device's accent color, in this case, an off-green color. Keep in mind the video is an early preview.

Source: (WP7Central)

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