HTC Mozart Variant Wi-Fi Certified, T-Mobile-Bound?

Just a couple of days ago we were reporting that a release of the HTC Mozart, a Windows Phone 7 device with a 1GHz Qualcomm CPU and 512MB of RAM, would happen for T-Mobile in the very near future. Adding credence to this story is a passing of a the Mozart over at the WiFi alliance. The model is listed as PD67110, which isn't dissimilar than the PD67100, which is the European HTC Mozart. Rumor has it that the Mozart will hit T-Mobile with both a 8GB and 16GB model. We're still not sure if T-Mobile is going to drop the "7" labeling from the Mozart (as you might recall, the European release goes by "7 Mozart"). Or, they could call this the "Melody", which was trademarked by HTC late last year.


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