DFT Team Preparing SD Card Version of WM6.5 For HTC HD2

DFT (Dark Forces Team), the ones behind the NAND Android solution for the HTC HD2 -- among other remarkable stuff -- are preparing some more interesting things for all you Leo owners out there.

According to a recent tweet, the team is working on a solution that would allow the smartphone's native operating system, Windows Phone 6.5, to run from an SD Card. The tables could turn: if previously, you could run Android off of an SD Card while your handset was running legacy Windows Phone 6.5, you could now run Android from the device NAND and Windows Phone 6.5 off of your SD Card.

The status of the project is yet unknown and there might be some legal issues involved (but nothing more serious than with the issues of custom Windows Phone ROMs) while Android is still free, but we can't help but wonder: with both Android and Windows Phone 6.5 NAND solutions (the later as legacy) already available, how and in what circumstances would you use the Redmond-platform from your SD card, when (if) available?


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