HTC Loses Fourth Place to Samsung; Nokia Still Leading

Korean manufacturer Samsung took over the fourth place from HTC in the global market share game for 2010, while the top three spots remain unchanged with Nokia, RIM and Apple comfortably in the lead, according to analysts.

Samsung’s shipments increased by a tremendous 318.2% in 2010, selling 23 million smartphones while the Taiwanese manufacturer’s shipments saw an increase of “only” 165.4%, with sales of 21.5 million units in 2010. In consequence, Samsung is now placed at the fourth spot with 7.6% of the 2010 market share, followed by HTC on sixth with its 7.1 percent. While the margin between the two is very small, for a total of 0.5%, the distance between second placed RIM and third placed Apple is even thinner, with a slight, 0.4% of the market standing between the two. Meanwhile, Nokia is leading with a comfortable 17% -- more than double -- in front of second placed RIM.

Samsung definitely had a huge benefit from its very popular Galaxy S series Android smartphone – and its carrier variants – that managed to break a sales record of over 10 million units at the end of 2010. HTC has somehow shifted a gear back in the race of innovation – as we noticed ourselves – and this had the outcome of losing a place in the Top 5 ranking even though sales were increasing.

Apple is very close to beating RIM and it might even reach that sweet second spot with the new CDMA iPhone 4 as well as the refresh everybody is expecting this summer. Nokia on the other hand is having a hard time these days with their upcoming policy shift which could seriously influence the numbers for this year but we think it’s safe to assume that the Finnish manufacturer will maintain its top spot as a leader in the market share game for 2011.

302.6 million smartphones were totally sold in 2010 which means that past year every 21st person got a shiny new smartphone to play with, on a global rough average. Not bad! Wonder what next year’s figures will tell us about 2011!


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