BBC iPlayer Coming For Android Soon, Probably This Week

BBC is planning to have the Android version of the iPlayer ready and up in the Android App Store by the end of this week, following a significant growth in mobile usage of BBC services and apps.

The native app coming to Android, with the intention of it being available on as many devices as possible, will feature possibility to watch live TV and listen to radio, grant access to BBC's full catalogue of catch-up programs as well as TV and radio on demand with series stacking, all this in a user friendly, simple and intuitive interface. In order to run the application, you will have to own an Android 2.2 Froyo-powered smartphone that is capable of playing back Flash content via the Adobe Flash 10.1 Player. And because the flash streams are high quality, not all Froyo devices will benefit from the app, but only the higher-end smartphones will be able to stream content via WiFi.


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