Adobe Flash 10.2 for Mobile to Use Fewer CPU Cycles

If you've used an Android phone with Flash 10.1, you know that the promise of the "full web" is thus far unfulfilled for the most part. While Flash generally works and can allow you to see more websites the way they were intended, performance can often be shoddy, with choppy video, slower page loads, and poor webpage performance if you're loading multiple Flash elements.

Adobe has announced that the next version of Flash Mobile, 10.2, will utilize fewer CPU cycles, enabling higher frame rates and better quality for video. It also reduces memory usage, which is always an important step towards optimizing performance.

The clincher is that 10.2 won't work unless you using an Android 3.0 tablet or phones. Since Google hasn't made their plans known about the next version of Android for phones, we're not sure when you'll e able to rock Flash 10.2 on your smartphone...just don't expect an upgrade on your current device.

Source: (Pocketnow)

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