HTC Hub: Your WP7 Data Hog?

Windows MVP, Mike Halsey has discovered some more evidence that incriminates the HTC Hub as the phantom data hog that some people have been complaining about recently. Some of our readers have already guessed that the HTC Hub was the culprit a couple days ago and after seeing some of those posts, Mike decided to put the HTC Hub to the test and monitor its data usage using a real-time data monitoring app provided by Orange UK and included with his HTC Mozart. Mike's normal usage is very light with email downloading on all the time and only the Weatherbug live tile checking the weather periodically. So an overnight data usage increase is generally practically nothing for him. When he put the HTC Hub live tile back on the start screen, he noticed overnight an increase in about 12Mb of data usage overnight. That kind of phantom downloading enabled by default by the HTC Hub could certainly account for the almost 50Mb of extra data usage per day that has been reported by some users and spread as FUD through the blogosphere.

The fix is very simple. Tap and Hold on the HTC Hub live tile pinned to your start screen and then tap the "Unpin" button to make it go away. You can also go into the HTC Hub Settings page and uncheck the "Download Data Automatically" option or change the download schedule to something less frequent.

As Mike mentions, of course this is not a highly scientific test, but the results do seem to point to the HTC Hub as the data-hogging culprit.

Source: (Pocketnow)

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