Samsung Captivate: Web Browser Speed Test

In this video we begin by talking about some of the built in application on the AT&T Captivate and how the program tray can be completely customized. What's interesting is that in order to spruce up the tray, Samsung adds a unique colored background to all of your icons. You can view the icons in a list or a grid, or you can customize the order of them by hitting the menu and edit button. Customizing the icons lets you change three of the four dock icons along the bottom, plus side icons around from screen to screen.

About halfway through the video we do a web browser speed test with the Captivate, Nexus One, and iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 comes in last place nearly every time, with the Nexus One and the Captivate sharing the lead. Overall the Captivate is a fantastic web browsing device: the big screen and fast speed makes it a joy to use.

Via: (PocketNow)

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