No Windows Live Sync at Windows Phone 7 Launch

If you've used Live Mesh to sync content between your devices you've probably noticed the announcement that Live Mesh will soon be replaced by the new Windows Live Sync, according to the Live Mesh Beta home page.

According to Microsoft, Windows Live Sync will not be available right at Windows Phone 7's launch. The statement was made at a showcase event in London earlier this week and the reason behind it is very simple and straightforward: bringing a new device (Windows Phone 7) into a chain of inter-connected devices might bring up issues related to storage space and bandwidth since users most commonly want the entire contents of a folder to be synced across all their devices.

Even more, with Windows Phone 7, there will be separate methods of uploading and downloading files, depending on the file type. For instance, Windows Phone 7 will download smaller versions of pictures uploaded to Windows Live or Facebook but the full sized original version can be subject to manual sync. This way, data charges and battery life are saved while maintaining workflow.

Michael Gillett wasn't able to find out an exact release data from Microsoft as to when exactly Windows Phone 7s will feature Windows Live Sync but I think everyone can agree on waiting for a perfect solution at a later date rather than having an early one with questionable functionality.

Via: (PocketNow)

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