MaxSense UI update Interface 1.5 for HTC

As we started some time developing an alternative interface to 'Sense HTC call MaxSense, which aims to be a mix with the Android. Highly customizable with many functions and Widgets, unfortunately at the moment can be tested only by installing specially cooked ROM with this interface.

The new features compared to version 1.0 we had shown that there are many, see them in detail:

- Analog clock widget with dual time / clock features (all new clocks)
- New Text scrolling panel widget (text will scroll on the panel upon updates on registry). Actually This Is Planned for stock updates but i still do not Have the time to update yet.
- 1 new weather layouts
- Home buttons and keys now go straight to the main screen
- Program settings for Those links featured applications
- Retractable taskbar settings
- Larger snap option in the widget edit mode
- All alert icons are more responsive to touch
- New widgets display backlight off toggle
- Widgets can now be deleted by moving straight to the bottom trash can in the widget edit mode
- Display panel alerts new auto close settings (will close after pressing top left icon)
- Save & Restore Settings
- Extended Favorite Widgets Contacts
- All new stock icons and backgrounds

- 10 total Quicklinks widgets. Also can now access to contacts and bookmarks
- Toggle widgets (total 10)
- WiFi, BT, Date, Airplane, Weather Anim, AutoLock, Automation, Vibrate, Rotation, AutoBacklight
- Utility widgets (total 6)
- Memory, Battery, Date, Alarm, Phone Signal Startmenu
- New music player layout (Maximized and minimized)
- Added new widgets alert for voicemail
- Added icon for navigation display panel alerts
- Improved performance, smoother transition and submenus Between Main Screen
- Improved performance and gridlock on widgets in the widget edit mode
- Added many alternating external program links to the widgets

- Updated to detect MaxGRPS.exe no date phone package
- Adjusted the press and sliding HomeButton sensitivity
- Added option to HQ wallpaper in MaxSense Settings
- Added three additional shortcuts
- Appointments count fixed
- Fixed other tabs Appearing title after coming back fm landscape
- Some other minor fixes

Via: (HDblog)

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