Motorola Milestone: Frøya is reality

Finally also the holders of Motorola Milestone, can boast of having Frøya on your device. It seems indeed that a developer has finally succeeded in bringing Android 2.2 Frøya by Nexus One of Motorola Milestone. This was possible by turning the two parallel versions of Android, by the 2.1 bootloader blocked by Milestone and 2.2 of the Nexus One. This ensures the Milestone performance and responsiveness are significantly higher than the rom with Eclair, so much so that you can also use the new Flash Player 10.1. Notes there are also negative. For now, the camera does not work, because the developer has not yet managed to unlock this feature. Fortunately this "Roma" is already available, and download with instructions are available at this address. Obviously we do not assume any liability.

Via: (HDblog)

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