iPhone 3G vs. iPhone 4: detailed comparison of battery life!

Continues even today our mini book dedicated to the comparison between iPhone 3G and iPhone 4. In the days before we showed the differences of the camera and the wireless reception, but today we focus on a fairly critical point: The actual battery life. Exit 3GS were very users who complained about poor battery life that reaches the minimum percuentuale few hours of use.

Today we compare the iPhone battery 4 and iPhone 3G.

The test was conducted during a day, simulating normal use of the device. During the test devices were set exactly the same type of way:

* Push Email Notifications Active
* Wi-fi always on
* Brightness set to 60%
* Off screen automatically set to one minute
* Bluetooth always off
* Active localization
* Both devices have 4.1 installed IOS

We started our test at 00:50 (4 el'iPhone the iPhone 3G has set the time for two minutes then busted we consider the minutes in the middle) with the terminal first left off with the percentage of the battery at 0% and then recharged up to 100%.

At this time we launched the iPod application on both devices, synchronized with music and set the exact same sequence of random tracks. We then set the alarm for 8:30 am. Before leaving the devices on all night with your iPod, iPhone 4 we note that the percentage falls to 99%.

In the morning, exactly at 8.30 stopped the iPod. We then simulated by about 7 hours listening to iPods. The percentages that you will have marked the rest of the day already and now we find out who the winner of the test. The iPhone 3G after playing music for about 7 hours (with screen standbay) has reached 66% of autonomy against well 83% of the iPhone 4. The test would have already been concluded. A gap of almost 20% is a lot. However, we have finished simulating the duration of both batteries.

From 8:32 to 9:13 we made:

* calls on both devices than a minute
* 4 and reading mail

From 9:13 to 9:37 we left the phone in the meantime arrived and stanbay different email (unread). From 9:37 to 10:25 we have:

* Sleeps 5 email
* sailed through the application Youtube videos watched 3 complete

Hours 9:37

10.25 am

From 10:25 to 10:56 the phone has received only unread mails.

As noted, the difference was always about those 20 percentage points due to first test with the iPod. It is also true that for now we are doing operations that require intensive use of resources and then the battery.

From 10:55 to 13:00 we have:

* Made 2 calls for 2 minutes each
* 4 sms
* reading email 10
* played exactly 5 minutes to Let's Golf 2 Gameloft

The rest of the time iPhones have been in standbay a black screen.

13:06 hours: Game Updates Pro Evolution Soccer 2010.

13:10 am to 13:48 pm We have:

* Tried updating Pes 2010 for 10 minutes
* Played for another 15 minutes to play Real Tennis 2009

From 13:48 to 14:21 we have:

* Posted 1 message
* Made a call 30 seconds

From 14:23 to 14:39 we have:

* Launched the Navigator Sygic Aura Italy and set a course near to our staff. We then reset the route to the editors. We start taking the navigator on for about twenty minutes.

From 14:39 to 16:58 the iphone have always remained in Standbay apartments:

* Reading mail ten minutes
* A 1 minute call
* 3-4 minutes of web browsing
* and another call for 1:30 minutes

From 16:48 to 17:58 we have:

* played 10 minutes let's Golf
* Bedroom 2 email
* and sailed on safari for 10 minutes

From 18 to 19:09 we have:

* Watched a video on Youtube
* sent a text message
* Hamlet 2 email
* 5 minutes to play Angry Bird

The text was finalized when the iPhone 4 still had 30% battery! All transactions listed have been done with a lot of indiscretion on both devices, without damaging neither the one nor the other. It is indeed a test and not un'elogio by Apple for developing a better device.

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