iPhone 3GS vs Samsung Taylor Windows Phone 7 Browser Speed Test

Samsung Taylor is one of the devices Microsoft is shipping to developers nowadays in order for the to test their applications in real life, on Device, instead of using emulators. We've seen lots of them floating around as well as reviews related to the new Operating System from Microsoft.

We've stumbled upon a video comparing the Internet Browsing experience on the iPhone 3GS versus the Samsung Taylor running the Windows Phone 7 Tech Preview. I have several questions related to this video: are they both using the same connection type? Is it Data or WiFi? What's the signal quality? Is it first page opening for both Devices or was the cache involved? Tell us what you think!

I think is too early for test the final vetsion is not ready.. also PIE is always slow.. we must wait for complete test with the final version..

Via: (PocketNow)

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