Android and iPhone, dissemination and distribution of operating systems updates

When it comes to iPhone and Android and comparing the two operating systems people are divided fairly homogeneous. Those who prefer the Apple for some reasons, but those who chose Mobile for others. A real winner there is a challenge that probably will be with us for the next few years and hardly see a real winner. The data and distribution systems may also have an idea how the market is moving and how people respond to news of the moment. Here we look at some data that were collected by observing impressions web from mobile devices through the network Chitika, which includes more than 80,000 publisher sites.

This cake can see the impact that the two systems mentioned above have in general. IOS has certainly the biggest slice of the market although it is considered the huge advantage that has the most direct competitors: Android. The system created by Big G. is in fact much younger than that made in Cupertino. Android came firmly on the market around May 2009 with an output muted in the second half of 2008 with the HTC Dream, a product for the first six months has had very little success.

Only since January 2010 then Google has started marketing an important system with the arrival of Google Phone Nexus One. At the end of 2009 in America with Verizon and the establishment of the line Droid, the system has started to arrive to the media and the masses in a more consistent and then grow to this day. The activations that there are 160,000 daily Android phones are undoubtedly important and thanks to the large number of devices, if the rate will remain stable within a year we could see a much higher impact on the market today.

Age systems connect the distribution of software. On one side it has two macro IOS releases: 3 IOS and IOS 4; other Android has a remarkable series of macro release and a minor release which we consider to Donut (compared to only Cupcake added the improved market and little else than the other).

As we see, despite the ease of updating systems and the availability of iPhone IOS device 4 for many iPhone (the 3G to 4G) version 3 is still widely used. iPad iPod Touch and certainly contribute to a high in this plot, which relies on internet access and version 3 as iPad certainly affects a lot. Later this year we are convinced that things will change in favor of IOS 4.

And finally, the distribution of Android. Eclair has finally reached and passed the 55% as mentioned in this article a week ago. Cupcake is still living well and looks Frøya. Fragmentation significantly more than the iPhone due to various factors that we know well and that we have analyzed several times.

The road is still in positive growth and by the end of 2010 we hope to see a cake very red and blue with little yellow and green. Frøya sign that you have won many terminals and Eclair was released for older devices.

The data were collected by observing impressions web from mobile devices through the network Chitika, which includes more than 80,000 publisher sites.

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