HTC Desire update tomorrow Frøya Officer in Holland!

Very hot day today despite the many news about frozen yogurt. After Frøya S Galaxy, Frøya on Milestone arrives Frøya HTC Desire! The Netherlands HTC to announce that tomorrow will be distributed by the official update to Android Frøya 2.2 for all you country. Users of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg will thus be the first to be able to install the final version of the Desire Frøya. There take a long time for this Rom is released for other countries by HTC or perhaps faster, thanks to developers from tomorrow.

If Frøya until last month was still unknown for many phones and not know the timing of updates, the manufacturers seem to have accelerated the progress and issue of new distributions is imminent for many devices, almost all top range.

* Droid X
* Droid 2
* Droid
* Incredible Droid
* HTC Desire
* Galaxy D

These are 100% confirmed. For others like Acer Stream Liquid And Acer, Motorola Milestone, Legend, Wildfire, the new Samsung and other updates, very likely but still not completely sure.

Via: (HDblog)

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