Android on HD2, Autostart automatic

Now that the distributions for Android HD2 are and will always be more stable and functional, you may want to start quickly implement features android, or even preferred as the operating system starting.

After having thus shown the dual boot, now is the other two utilities. An Android to load automatically and depending instead simply puts two icons in the start menu to quickly select and run 's Android prefer that we see in detail ...The first option consists of a simple. cab (I have not yet then tested better before you try to do a bk), which also modifies the registry and automatically starts android (and throwing ClrCad.EXE HaRET.exe) independently switched. If the files are not found on the SD automatically Windows Mobile.

Warning Author:

WARNING! May cause Windows Mobile to Become inaccessible if installed on a phone with only internal storage!

So, just in case there are problems in starting andoroid just momentarily remove the memory card from 'HD2 and start Windows Mobile.

Info and download Droidboot-Autostart

Otherwise, much easier, in addition to a solution to quickly launch Android when you're already in Windows Mobile. The program installs two simple icons in the start menu, if you want to launch a version of Desire (which we know to be put in the main dir of the memory card) while the other icon launches Frøya 2.2 (which is in practice that is always perceived in memory card but copying the entire folder in the Android sd).

The program automatically launches the file and right ClrCad.EXE HaRET.exe

Info and downloads for 2App Loader Android HD

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