Sprint Galaxy Nexus Launch Rumors Look To New, Later Date

It's no secret that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, after making its international and Verizon LTE debuts, will be coming to Sprint and its new LTE network. Just when that's going to be, however, is one detail Sprint's been keeping from us all. All the latest rumors seem to be looking to a mid-April launch, with both the Galaxy Nexus and LG Viper, the other LTE model to kick-off Sprint's network, tipped for April 15. At least, that's what we had been hearing, but over the weekend a new leak arrived, suggesting that the Sprint Galaxy Nexus might have a slightly longer wait before it launches.

As far as visually convincing leaks go, this find leaves a lot to be desired. Just a basic word processor document, it does little to try and convince us it's an official internal publication. That said, if we're to have a little faith here, the leak suggests that the LG Viper will, in fact, launch on April 15 as we'd heard, but the Galaxy Nexus won't hit stores for another week after at, finally landing on April 22.

Sprint and HTC have an event planned for Wednesday, and while we don't expect to hear anything about the Nexus directly, Sprint may offer a little insight while discussing its general LTE launch plans.


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