Sprint Finally Getting Another Windows Phone Handset?

We just took a peek at some unreleased Windows Phone hardware from LG, which looks like it will be bringing model E740H to Telus in Canada. This isn't the first new LG Windows Phone model we've had the chance to look at lately, and it turns out it's far from being the last; yet another LG model has recently come to our attention, with model LS831 showing-up with some new paperwork at the FCC.

This is the second time we've looked at this phone, which first hit the FCC in the fall. Now we get access to new documents not originally available, including pictures and even a manual. We don't get a ton of insight into the hardware, but as this is Windows Phone we're talking about, you can guess what to generally expect. We can see a five-megapixel main camera on its rear, which matches the placement used with the E740H.

If the presence of Sprint bands and an EV-DO radio don't make it clear enough where this LG handset is headed, the phone's paperwork includes a letter from Sprint. It looks like this won't be one of the new models to operate on Sprint's upcoming LTE network, with no sign of 4G connectivity. Considering the carrier's distaste for current-gen Windows Phone hardware and software, we're wondering just what Sprint's up to here.

We've yet to get any sense from Sprint or LG of when we might hope to see this phone arrive


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