Samsung Galaxy S III With 4.65-Inch Screen Already Being Tested?

Since we told you about the recent rumors related to the next iPhone it is just normal we make up to all you Android and Samsung fans out there with some Galaxy S III reports. They're coming straight from South Korea.

There's hear-say about a possible 4.65-inch display that will allegedly grace the front of the Galaxy S II successor. It will reportedly pack a resolution of 720 x 1280 and it will be a Super AMOLED Plus HD screen. With those specifications it will have a 315.83 ppi resolution putting it right there in the "Retina" class. The report also claims that the display will be the first "display from the company's OLED arm to reach HD resolution" without being Pentile.

The second report claims to have official wording from Samsung according to which the manufacturer is already testing the Galaxy S III with carriers in its homeland. They also want to reduce the time needed for tests (which is around two months) so we might speculate that June could be a good month for an event.


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