Nokia 'Smartphone Beta Test' Campaign Targets Competitor

Chris Weber, President of Nokia Inc. North America, has received lots of emails about this new website called Smartphone Beta Test, and this means that the ball is rolling. April 8 is the day when the Nokia Lumia 900 will be available on AT&T's network but the countdown on the website seems to refer to a somewhat earlier date.

At a first glance, there's no indication that we're looking at an official Nokia website. However, if you take a closer look at the top left, you can almost see the Nokia logo under that black chalk. That, and some references to Nokia's website found inside the web page's code by WPCentral.

On to the content: there are three videos, Exhibit A, B and C, where a certain phone that is losing signal is referenced, another one (or the same, really) which has its screen all washed out in the sun and a third one which seems to be too fragile. You'd be inclined to immediately think Apple but then again a question should immediately follow up: why is everyone picking on Apple? (yes, Samsung too). But then again, it might not be all anti-Apple.

Regardless, the campaign (if it turns out to be one, which wouldn't surprise us with lots of cash and brilliant minds at Nokia) is both funny and serious at the same time, but definitely a great one. Check it out at the source link below and let us know of your comments!

Source: pocketnow

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