MOTOACTV Golf Update Beta Available Now, Free For Limited Time

Early last month, we learned about an update that was on its way for the Android-powered Motorola MOTOACTV smartwatch, adding a whole bunch of new moves to the exercises the watch was capable of tracking. Since then, Motorola has announced a new version of the MOTOACTV, now with special software for use as a golf GPS. Luckily, owners of existing models have the opportunity to upgrade to the same software, but may have to act fast if they want to get it for free.

The golf update includes data on 20,000-some courses, letting you quickly check just how far you are from the hole using the watch's GPS receiver. The software also includes some score-keeping functions, and lets you compare your game against that of pros.

As of today, existing MOTOACTV watches can download a beta version of the golf update by checking for updates in the usual fashion. If you've got an 8GB model, it's important you grab the new software before the middle of the month; after April 16, the golf update will be a paid add-on. The 16GB version will continue to enjoy free access, so no rush there. Motorola hasn't revealed just what the golf software will cost 8GB owners in the future, but we recommend downloading for free while you can and not having to find out.


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