Could Apple's Next iPhone Arrive In June?

here are lots of speculations around Apple and its upcoming iPhone, especially now that the iPad rumors have settled down. Some say a summer release is possible while others look further down the road hinting towards a Q4 announcement.

However, in a video interview, a Foxconn recruiter might have unintentionally spilled the beans on Apple's plans. This, of course, if the said person is one of the few who know about the actual plans Cupertino has. The recruiter said that the plant was looking to hire some 18,000 workers for "the fifth-generation phone" (Apple phone, that is) which he expects to be out in June. An announcement in the sixth month of the year is certainly possible, given the previous track record Apple has when it comes to the iPhone (though the iPhone 4S broke that habit with its October event). We'll let you know as soon as we find out more!

Source: pocketnow

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