AT&T readying a Galaxy Nexus with 4G LTE?

Rumors on the web run rampant, especially when it comes to unannounced smartphones. Well this one is no different, and this one, like many other rumors before it, comes from that good ole “very good source”. AndroidRevolution is claiming that their “very good source” at AT&T, has said that SIM cards for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus have been sent out for testing, even giving a SKU for the SIMS of 73057, saying their LTE enabled. One cause for concern is they claim the SIM cards are of the standard size (Think: credit card), compared with the micro SIM that the Verizon G-Nex uses. Seems a little odd, but this could just be an error. Remember, this is a rumor afterall. However, the addition of the SKU number for the SIM cards does provide a little more certainty to this one and we may very well be close to seeing AT&T’s first Nexus branded device. Let’s hope this one pans out. Would anyone be interested in an AT&T Galaxy Nexus? Maybe this will be that new improved model we’ve heard rumblings of in the past?


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