What Is This T-Mobile Android Slider?

We're usually pretty good at identifying mystery handsets, but we need some help here. This blurry photo fell into our lap with no further information attached, except the suggestion that we're looking at a Motorola-built device -- which is strange, because this thing has HTC written all over it, if you ask us. In fact, if it weren't for the Android buttons and T-Mobile branding on the face, we could almost swear that we were looking at a rebirth of the HTC TyTN II (a.k.a. HTC Kaiser and AT&T Tilt); that bulge at the bottom is a fairly unique feature.

If we had to guess, we'd say that this QWERTY slider was a mid-range device -- if it is in fact unreleased hardware -- that could be a mashup of the Cliq and Droid 2. Obviously it's difficult to tell the thickness from this angle and photo quality, but this one seems a bit chunky to be a high-end 2011 handset, even with the keyboard. So, any theories here? We certainly appreciate the assistance! (Larger, vertically-oriented image pictured below.)


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