Samsung To Replace SAMOLED With SLCD On Galaxy S?

We know that there are shortages in AMOLED production from the days HTC started shipping the Desire with SLCD screens instead of AMOLED -- and then the Droid Incredible -- but we didn't think it would end up affecting Samsung itself.

There were some rumors back in December that the Nexus S will be shipping with Super Clear LCD instead of SAMOLED in Russia and maybe other regions and today we hear some more, this time involving the popular Galaxy S.

According to hear-say, Samsung is preparing a GT-I9003 smartphone which is basically an identical copy of the Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S, but with Super Clear LCD screen instead of the SAMOLED. This might come as a surprise for many of you but given the production shortages and the Nexus S already out, the Galaxy S2 just a couple of weeks from its launch, it might make some sense for the manufacturer to be careful about its hardware component resources.

If the rumors turn out to be true and you want a Samsung Galaxy S with the original SAMOLED screen, you should prepare to buy one soon -- or might as well hold on for the Galaxy S2 -- if the Nexus S isn't your cup of tea. Wonder what happened to those production ramp-ups promised for 2011, the year that will see no AMOLED shortages?


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