LG Optimus 3D in teaser video

Yesterday LG announced the official Optimus 3D debut would be at Mobile World Congress and today we have a teaser video of the aforementioned smartphone. LG’s bringing it big-time with the first dual-core processor packing smartphone, Optimus 2X and now the first 3D glasses free LCD panel smartphone the Optimus 3D. Like the Optimus 2X the Optimus 3D also sports the 1GHZ NVIDIA Tegra dual-core processor along with a dual-lens camera for 3D recording and HDMI and DNLA support for the sharing of your latest 3D content.
There seems to be a lot of speculation whether the smartphone in the video is the actual Optimus 3D or a mock up so if you’re clairvoyant or have the inside track and could clear this up it would allow a lot of folks rest a bit easier. Hit the jump for a look at the vid.


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