Is this the Samsung Galaxy Tab II?

We have reason to believe that the device pictured above is the 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 expected to be announced in a few short days at Mobile World Congress. This particular version appears headed to one of Vodafone's networks. While we don't have any tangible specs on what is likely to be a dual-core Exynos-powered slate (formerly Orion), there's quite clearly a Honeycomb build running in this image, one that appears to be skinned so that the stock controls and notifications are bluer than we've seen on Motorola Xoom demos (although the two pieces of hardware look very similar in the face).

Around back we immediately notice what seems to a large concave "divot" that probably aids in the ergonomics, and also hints that this tablet is meant to be used primarily in landscape orientation (as opposed to the existing, portait-focused Tab). Whatever rear-facing camera exists is hidden in this shot.

We've blown up the image below -- at the expense of sharpness -- so more details can possibly be teased out, but it looks like we'll need to wait until this weekend for any solid features to be revealed.

Update: Claiming to have seen internal documents, Engadget is reporting that the Galaxy Tab II (not 2, apparently) is indeed a 10.1-inch device with specs very similar to the Xoom, including 1280 x 800 resolution, stock Honeycomb build (the so-called Google Experience) and a 1GHz processor of undetermined core count. However, with leaks having the Galaxy S II sporting a dual-core CPU, we can't imagine that the Tab II will be equipped with anything less.

Source: (Pocketnow)

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