HTC Inspire 4G Hardware Review (Video)

If you're considering the HTC Inspire 4G, which goes on sale February 13 for $99 on AT&T, you know what you're getting into in terms of the device size. Like an EVO or HD2, the HTC Inspire is a commanding device with plenty of weight (at 164 grams) and size. That said, while it's not thin, it's not thick either. Overall, it's pleasing in-hand and in the pocket. Inside it's packing a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU with 768MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM, and 8GB of added storage. The screen is a Super LCD panel and is 4.3" at WVGA resolution. While the Super LCD doesn't have the ultra-high contrast of a Super AMOLED display found on many of Samsung's Android phones, it does a great job with color reproduction. The rear-facing camera does 720p videos and 8MP photos. Powering the Inspire 4G is a 1230mAh battery.


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