Google Says Honeycomb Isn't Coming to Smartphones

Recently Google showed off Android 3.0, codenamed Honeycomb. It looks amazing, but it's optimized for the larger screens found on tablets. After the presentation Google didn't take any questions from journalists -- which was somewhat odd.

Later, Andrew Kovacs, a company spokesman for Google, did answer a question: Will Android 3.0 also appear on smartphones? "Features will arrive on phones over time," he said, but what we saw at the Honeycomb launch will not.

While we recognize that many of the UI elements won't translate well to smaller screens, we're still a little stymied that Google appears to be slitting the Android OS along the lines of screen-size. This could mean separate OSs for tablets, smartphones, and large-screen devices like Google TV. This would be true "fragmentation", something that Google is adamantly fighting against.

Hopefully Google will keep the OS together, but have separate user-experiences for different sized screens. For the time being all we can do is wait and hope for the best.

Source: (Pocketnow)

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