Ageye Releases G-Alarm App for Windows Phone 7

After adapting their popular Windows Phone 6.x alarm application for Android, the folks at Ageye have finally developed G-Alarm for Windows Phone 7. The original G-Alarm was one of the more successful apps out of XDA-developers, thanks to its robust alarm features for deep sleepers. For example, a couple of the options required users to complete math quizzes or navigate mazes using the accelerometer upon wake-up.

Unfortunately, the WP7 edition of G-Alarm comes with limitations due to the lack of multitasking abilities on the platform. Meaning, it must be left running in order to properly function (screen can be shut off). That's not too bad, considering you're probably asleep once an alarm is set. The drawback is that you can no longer set automatically timed alarms. However, this variant of G-Alarm features the ability to access your Zune playlists, options for math quizzes or mazes, accelerometer control (shake to snooze), vibration feedback, a fade-in effect, and custom wallpapers. There's also a new "Sleep Diary" feature for monitoring your sleep cycle, which allows the app to wake you up when you’re in a light sleep phase.

As a G-Alarm user for many years, I'm actually quite thrilled to see the app available on three major platforms now. You can grab G-Alarm from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for a mere 99 cents (10-alarm trial available).


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