Windows Phone Device Manager: A new jailbreak coming soon for WP7

With ChevronWP7 hitting the end of its working life next month, we have some good news to report on. Julien Schapman, the creator of TouchXperience and recently the WP7 Registry Editor, has released details about an upcoming project, titled Windows Phone Device Manager. Most likely inspired by Windows Mobile's infamous device manager, the tool allows you to manage your sideload your applications, explore the device, sync with Zune, and display information about the device.

Even better, the tool will automatically developer unlock your device upon connecting, which removes the need for any ChevronWP7 hassle. The tool is set to release in the next few days, and is compatible with all Windows Phone 7 devices. The developer of it also states that if it becomes possible, he might create an open marketplace, similar to Cydia on iOS devices.

How the tool works is not clear, but fortunately the unlocking method it uses will continue to work even after the next update. Read more at TouchXperience.

Source: (WP7Central)

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