Windows Phone 7 Screenshots Not A Microsoft Priority

Whether you're into journalism, app development, support or anything related, a platform's capability to take screenshots is an important tool and you definitely know this the hard way by now, if you're coming to Windows Phone 7 from previous mobile platforms of Microsoft or even iPhone. We can't count the times we took out our digital cameras and snapped an actual picture to use as a screenshot and, from the way things look at the moment, we'll be doing it for quite a while if we want to bring you Windows Phone 7 illustrations.

Aaron Woodman, director of Microsoft's mobile communications business, told Cnet that he "never heard an end user go 'why can't I take a screenshot of that?" at neither of the user groups he sat in at. Microsoft surely has the ability to pull this off and, just like with Copy/Paste, Woodman said: "It's not like we didn't know copy and paste was a feature that people could potentially want, it's a question of how important it is to the user experience".

So basically, while Copy/Paste was not that important to the user experience (if became important three months later though), the possibility to take screenshots is definitely not that important either. Even more, developers have the opportunity to take screen grabs with Emulator as "there's a ton of ways to do it". As far as the rest of us (and even a couple of you, developers) are concerned, we can always take out the digital camera a snap a great picture of the screen to better explain what we are talking about.

While this is definitely not a user group Aaron Woodman would sit in at, we're curious to hear your opinion on whether a Windows Phone 7 screenshot utility or feature would be helpful for you and how would you use it? Aaron Woodman says the feature "could" end up being part of a future build...

Source: (PocketNow)

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