Windows Phone 7 growing on developers according to IDC survey

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system is growing on developers according to a recent IDC survey.

Research firm IDC and application platform Appcelerator surveyed over 2,000 developers to work out their intent for 2011. Developer interest for Windows Phone 7 rose 8 points to 36% ‘very interested’ according to the results. IDC says the interest was “due to a better-than-expected launch.” Survey respondents also said that “Windows Phone’s improved UI was a critical factor for the increase.”

The interest gains from 2010 to 2011 were solid for Windows Phone 7 due to the product launch in October 2010. “Compared to webOS tablet and MeeGo device no-shows, [Windows Phone 7] remain solidly in the game for developer mindshare,” said IDC.

“Cloud connectivity, location and social will define the experiences of most applications this year and going forward,” said Appcelerator’s Scott Schwarzhoff in an interview with Reuters. “Respondents said ‘last year I was kicking the tires, this year I really am ramping up my efforts’,” he added.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 devices launched on October 21 in Europe and November 8 in the United States. The application Marketplace recently passed 6,000 apps and is continuing its momentum. Microsoft now also has over 20,000 registered Windows Phone developers and has promised developer payments in January. Early estimates, based on Facebook usage, said that around 120,000+ devices had been sold. Microsoft revealed in December that the company’s hardware partners have shipped 1.5 million units to carriers worldwide. Microsoft’s admission blew away these early estimates and shows the platform is showing early promise. Research firm, IDC, said in December that the Windows Phone platform is off to a good start and that the level of applications in the Marketplace is impressive.

Source: (winrumors)

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