Where has WP7 been lately?

With CES 2011 behind us and Verizon’s big iPhone announcement now in our rear view mirror, I have to ask, where has Windows Phone 7 been?? There was absolutely no buzz at CES this year regarding WP7, nothing as of yet regarding the CDMA WP7 variants, and the only thing coming that I have seen is the HTC 7 Pro for CDMA, which isn’t particularly all that exciting.

There are a lot of big tablet announcements that are ready to hit the scene from companies like HTC and HP, but again nothing regarding WP7. Sprint has an event lined up on February 7th, claiming they are going to launch another industry first, but for some reason I don’t get the feeling that David Blaine or Sprint CEO Dan Hesse will be showing off anything WP7 either. I know Microsoft was touting their revamped mobile OS as being iOS and Android competitive, and honestly in a lot of ways it is, some ways dare I say better? OK, all I’m saying is it would be nice to see more “buzz” in the WP7 community, you know to get us all excited again for Microsoft’s newest OS creation, like we did when we first saw the Focus, or HD7 and it’s super smooth OS.

Hopefully there will be some new exciting Windows phone 7 devices to hit, and sooner rather than later, before people including myself completely forget they exist. So what do you say? Are you slowly forgetting about WP7? Or is their existing line-up more than enough for now to keep you happy?

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