Video compares LG's Nova display and Samsung's Super AMOLED screen

Named after a Nova star, LG claims that its Nova display is the brightest in the World. Now, you might think that producing this display would knock your battery out for the count, but LG informs us that the Nova display is much more energy efficient than both Samsung's AMOLED and Super AMOLED screen. For example, it takes twice as much energy for the AMOLED display to produce the color white on the display than with the Nova screen.

Comparing Nova with a certain 3.5 inch IPS LCD display (Hey! Those are the same specs for the Apple iPhone 4) shows that the Nova is 50% more efficient than the LCD screen. So the bottom line is that not only does LG's Nova produce bright, clear screens, they also save battery life.

LG also says that the Nova, like the Apple iPhone 4 in that it is a IPS LCD screen, produces a maximum brightness of 700 nit, compared with the 518 nit maximum for the latter model, and 308 nit for the AMOLED screen turned up all the way to the right. Under regular settings, the Nova screen weighs in at 280 nits.

Obviously, LG believes that its Nova display is best. But you can do some comparison work yourself thanks to the video below that shows the Samsung Galaxy S and its Super AMOLED display on the left, and the energy efficient Nova display on the LG Optimus Black on the right. You can comment on which screen looks better to you by writing in the box below.

Source: (PhoneaArena)

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