Sony Ericsson Planning Clamshell-Like Tilt-Screen Phone?

The clamshell form-factor may never be coming back to smartphones as we remember it, but there's a growing number of QWERTY sliders that recall some of the design of those flip phones. The HTC 7 Pro certainly recalls a fold-open design with its angled screen, and now it looks like Sony Ericsson may have a similar model in the works. Blog of Mobile!! has gotten its hands on some illustrations of this smartphone, as well as what looks to be the first picture of the model.

The phone's screen slides out like a traditional QWERTY messaging phone, then pops up from the keyboard at an angle when fully opened. From the looks of the hinges in the available illustrations, you may be able to adjust the angle, really giving the phone that clamshell feel.

With only these renderings of the phone to go on, we can expect the phone to have a rear camera with LED flash (there's no indication of any front-facing camera) and a reasonably spacious keyboard. Since this is Sony Ericsson, the smartphone is likely to be an Android model.

The site has a few code names to throw at the device: Akane, Iyokan, Lychee, Mogami, or maybe Monika. There are just too many names we know about and not enough phones to go around, so it's just guesswork at this point. We're hoping to hear more about his model, as it's refreshing to see a break from the standard slate design.


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