Samsung Galaxy S Froyo Updates Held Back Because Of Costs?

We all know about the Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 Froyo saga and, while some carriers around the world already updated their variants to the second newest Google platform, we hear an interesting theory on why U.S. carriers haven't done it yet.

A person allegedly close to the situation and supposedly in breach of NDA has told AndroidPolice how updates are being handled by carriers and the relationship with the manufacturers. According to the person, there are three types of updates stipulated in a contract between the manufacturer and the carrier once a device gets to the network operator: critical updates, maintenance updates and feature updates.

Cost-wise, critical updates -- those that resolve a critical bug in the phone -- are usually free, maintenance updates -- fixing bugs and other issues reported by the carrier -- have certain costs tied and feature updates -- those adding some new feature in software that wasn’t present before -- which are the most costly. Apparently, Samsung is considering the Google Android 2.2 Froyo update as a feature update rather than a critical or maintenance one, which implies the highest costs per device from the carrier. Speaking generally about all U.S. carriers, the anonymous source draws the conclusion that "Android 2.2 is on hold for Galaxy S phones until the U.S. carriers and Samsung reach a consensus".

Knowing this is already a sensitive issue for many Samsung Galaxy S U.S. variant owners, please let us know how would you consider an Android 2.2 update: critical, maintenance or feature? Do you think your carrier should offer you the upgrade even at higher costs? Do you think you're entitled to the update once you've purchased the device? Let us know below!


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