Nokia N9 to make appearance during MWC with Intel inside

Next month, the Nokia N9 is expected to be introduced during the MWC in Barcelona. Note that we said "during" the MWC and not "at" the MWC. That is because like last year when the MeeGo OS was introduced, the Finnish based company is not exactly scheduled to make a presentation at the show. Instead, Nokia will make its presentation at a location nearby the MWC.

With a 1.2MHz Atom processor rumored to be on board, Nokia continues its partnership with Intel which itself is trying hard to break into the business of providing processors and chipsets for cell phones. If the speculation is dead on, the N9 will be Nokia's fastest handset to date. The phone will have the Nokia-Intel produced MeeGo OS under the hood, feature a 12MP camera and be equipped with a QWERTY keyboard.

With "Intel inside", perhaps Nokia will get more than just a passing look from Stateside carriers with the N9.


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