LG Optimus 3D Tipped for MWC Launch

LG appears poised to launch a 3D smartphone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. As if its press conference invitation's copy wasn't blatant enough -- "Into the New Dimension: Experience the new world that LG is opening" -- Dutch etailer and Carphone Warehouse subsidiary Phonehouse already briefly had a teaser page up for the "LG Optimus 3D" which has since been pulled. (Unfortunately, the photo it was using to illustrate the page was just an Optimus One.)

Three-dimensional displays are poised to become more than a novelty in the next year, with Sharp, Nintendo, and now LG all bringing glasses-free devices to market. LG actually showed off a prototype 4.3-inch display at CES earlier this month -- video embedded below thanks to Engadget -- although it's not clear if this is the same screen we'll see on the so-called Optimus 3D.

Incidentally, LG trademarked "Optimus 3D" in Korea back in July of last year.

Source: (Pocketnow)

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