First-hand Look at Disney's Android-Powered Smartphone

Not long ago we told you about the Android-powered "Disney mobile" smartphone. There are two things that make this phone stand out. This could represent the first "glasses-free" 3D interface on a smartphone, or any handheld entertainment device, which is no small feat. It also represents a corporation, not a cell carrier, releasing a branded cellular phone.

While the latter isn't unheard of outside of the United States, were something like this to be released here it could really shake up the cell industry. Unfortunately, the device is headed for Japan, so all we can do is watch the video and see how a Disney phone could work.

Overall, the phone looks sleek and the user-interface reminds me of an HTC Sense UI experience. Even still, could this "branded" phone take off in the U.S.? Will we see more smartphones that are less about the hardware or carrier, and more about a corporate brand? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

Source: (Pocketnow)

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