CyanogenMod7 Gingerbread on the HTC HD2

CyanogenMod, my favorite Android custom ROM, is approaching the Gingerbread Release Candidate phase. This basically means that the entire CyanogenMod Team ("TeamDouche") has been able to port the AOSP source into their framework. It's not quite ready for a "final" release -- they still have some bugs to work through.

What's remarkable about the CyanogenMod source is its framework approach. Developers can "plug-in" the files and configurations necessary for the hardware they're working on, and bring CyanogenMod to a wide variety of handsets.

What do I mean by a "wide variety"? In addition to devices like my T-Mobile G2, the HTC HD2 (a Windows Mobile smartphone), can now run CyanogenMod7.

While the HD2 has been able to run several versions of Android in the past, getting the combined development weight of CyanogenMod behind it means more stable ROMs, quicker.

If you've got an HD2, head over to the link below for more information!

Source: (Pocketnow)

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