Buttonless Phone Coming from HTC?

We know that the next version of Android, Honeycomb, will pave the way for buttonless tablets and even smartphones as the operating system will control virtual shortcuts like home, back, and menu, obfuscating the need for OEMs to include hardware buttons (should they choose). With a rumored release date of early spring, we might be just a few months away from such buttonless Homeycomb smartphones. Phandroid has unearthed a mystery device, found in the files of a recent update to HTC Sync, that has Verizon branding and no buttons. While the device clearly is conceptual (a buttonless device would undoubtedly have a tightened bottom bezel instead of a bunch of blank space), it might give us a hint that HTC is working on a device with no buttons.

Source: (Pocketnow)

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