AT&T takes it old school, uses snail mail to promote Windows Phone

Imagine my redundant surprise when sifting through the mail, and finding junk mail for a device I already own. Annoyances aside, AT&T is evidently shipping out flyers with a picture of the Samsung Focus on them and a small synopsis of features on the back. The features listed are:

Live Tiles provide status updates at a glance and one-touch access to most used apps
Easy-to-read email and calendar with Outlook Mobile 2010
Download and play games with Xbox Live, Your Avatar and accomplishments travel with you.

It may not be the most exciting advertisement, but it does look like AT&T is making at least a minimal effort to promote Windows Phone. It also includes a convenient map to my local AT&T store, and a little peel-off tab that tells me what rollover minutes are. Cute. While snail mail probably not the most efficient means of advertising, its good to know that AT&T is putting forth some effort to promote this platform.


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